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Defence in sexual offence proceedings

The Nobis Law Firm represents you in all matters of sexual offence law.

Nationwide defence of all sexual offences in all instances.

Sexual criminal law is once again a separate focus for us. Thus, we at "Nobis Rechtsanwälte für Strafrecht" have a separate "Sexual Offences Defence Department" for sexual offence proceedings with an experienced team of defence lawyers who are exclusively active in sexual offence law.

Sexual criminal law includes various criminal offences. The legislation in sexual criminal law is complex and has become increasingly strict in recent years. For this reason, there are also newly introduced offences. Jurisprudence is also taking an increasingly harsh approach to allegations of sexual assault.
If there is an accusation under sexual criminal law, it is always serious. Therefore, it is all the more important to find a lawyer who is familiar with the specifics of sexual offence law and has appropriate experience with these criminal defences, because this is the only way to guarantee a professional defence.
We have been defending our clients nationwide in sexual offences law for many years with a team of lawyers who only practise in sexual offences law.

You had consensual sex and are now accused of rape?

Rape always presupposes a non-consensual sexual act, whereby the lack of consensuality must also be apparent to the accused. Consensual sex can never be rape.

But what if your sexual partner (or sexual partners) - for whatever motives - claims that the sexual act was precisely not consensual and you are now the accused in a sexual offence case? As lawyers, we experience this type of case constellation in sexual criminal law very often.

The accusation of rape is considerable and "merely" being accused (which is still far from a conviction) can completely throw the accused off track. A conviction for rape carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years. The accusation is therefore to be taken extremely seriously from a criminal law perspective. In the event of a conviction, the accused would lose a lot - perhaps even everything - not only his freedom.

Many years of experience in sexual offences law

However, our many years of experience in sexual criminal law show that wrongly made accusations can usually be uncovered with good and meticulous defence work and the proceedings on the accusation of rape are dropped. The task of the defence lawyer in sexual offences law is to work out contradictions from the statements of the alleged victim. This is the core work of the lawyer in sexual criminal law. Sexual offences are all offences against sexual self-determination. These offences and crimes are codified in the StGB in §§ 174-184j.

They include (non-exhaustive list!): sexual abuse of children, sexual assault / sexual coercion and rape, sexual abuse of charges, possession, production and distribution of child pornography, sexual harassment. In the case of a conviction for an offence against sexual self-determination, the offender usually faces a custodial sentence.

In addition, corrective measures can also be ordered. These include supervision of conduct and placement options under section 68 of the Criminal Code. If the offender is incapable of culpability according to section 20 of the Criminal Code, or if there is certainty of reduced culpability within the meaning of section 21 of the Criminal Code, he or she can be placed in a psychiatric hospital or in a prison for persons with special needs according to section 63 of the Criminal Code. Preventive detention within the meaning of Section 66 of the Criminal Code can be ordered if the offender poses a danger to the general public. The Act to Combat Sexual Offences and Other Dangerous Crimes stipulated that a sex offender be transferred to a socio-therapeutic institution if "treatment (...) is indicated".

Defence in sexual offence proceedings

Due to their high presence in the media and the considerable consequences of the offence, sexual offences attract high public attention, which often leads to politicisation (for example, in the context of disputes about genetic fingerprinting or subsequent preventive detention).

As an (alleged) offender, we represent you without prejudice! With us, you will be represented without exception by defence lawyers who have many years of experience in sexual offence proceedings.

Sexual criminal law is a special area in criminal law. The special thing about these offences is that there are usually no witnesses. It is testimony against testimony. The defence lawyer in sexual offences law must therefore be particularly trained to work out contradictions in the statements of the alleged victim and to carry out professionally sound psychological evaluations of the testimony.

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