Lawyers for Spanish Criminal Law

German-Spanish criminal law is a particular focus of our work.

We represent you throughout Spain, i.e. on the entire mainland, but also on the Canary Islands and the other Spanish islands (especially Mallorca), before any Spanish criminal court.

In Spanish criminal cases, custodial visits (such as the visit to the prisons "Soto del Real" or "Alcalá Meco") are part of our fields of activity, as well as the inspection of the investigation files and talks with the custodial judge and the public prosecutor's office.

A good lawyer/abogado will recognise the best strategy for your case, which, depending on the situation, can range from an agreement with the court or the other side to a hard fight using all procedural means. However, one thing is always important: that your legal representation is conducted with the utmost commitment and vigour.

In Madrid and Valencia we operate offices with German lawyers and Spanish abogados who are permanently in touch with our German offices. This means that we can, for example, receive you and provide you with legal assistance in one of our German offices and at the same time - ideally without you having to go to Spain - represent your interests through one of our offices in Spain. It does not matter where exactly in Spain the local jurisdiction lies - we can appear before all Spanish courts.

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